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July 11, 2002

We will be making our return to live performance in September at the new 80s club called DECADE located at the DERBY in Los Feliz!

April 24, 2002

Latest news! America's only Duran tribute band, Planet Earth, are back rehearsing as of June - with a new line up and are ready to hit the road out of town being our main focus....Stay tuned look for gigs in the summer from Vegas to New York.

December 19, 2001

Planet Earth will be back touring in February! Please keep checking back for more news, or, have the news come to you!
We recently found out that Panda Pop records, the company releasing the Duran Duran tribute album "Fashion Crimes" has been undergoing a change in ownership.. Click here to read more about it.. however they will be releasing this cd soon!
If you cant wait for Planet Earth, please check out Planet 80s - our sister band!
New dates have been added for the Planet 80s band, check the Live Shows page!

With 4 months of constant touring in CA, Planet Earth are taking a short break to prepare to go and play out of California. Plans to play New York, San Diego , Vegas ,Arizona and many more places are afoot. Also there is a good chance of a tour in England next year. To cover costs of flights and motels for out of town gigs ,we are looking to add some 80s material to the set list to make it longer. Most clubs dont think there is interest for three hours of Duran Duran, but we shall prove them wrong!!! In the meantime we are working on some 80s New wave hits to keep us in shape while we work on more duran material. This will help us increase bookings and be able to get us more out of town gigs and help us increase the material of Duran songs in the set. To test out some of the 80s hits we are doing we are playing a few gigs keeping to an 80s theme under the name PLANET 80s. With Le Bon being the vocalist still but other members in the guise of Adam Ant and other 80s heroes. Check the live page for details of the upcoming gigs and check back for Planet Earth upcoming tour of the USA!!!

After taking a break and a change of line up, Planet Earth step into the millennium with a new set of songs since playing over a year ago.  There have been offers to do shows in Las Vegas, Malaysia,  Hogue Barmichaels again, Paladinos and a variety of other out of state clubs.We have also been asked to appear at the Duran Duran Convention in Orlando ,Florida. Also forthcoming is a documentary on Duran Duran which PLANET EARTH have asked to be interviewed and filmed for. Look for PLANET EARTH touring from June 2001. New photos will be included soon.


We have a second auditon for the TV show YOUR BIG BREAK.   Many other tribute bands have been on this.  The first time we were offered an audition, we had to decline due to a scheduling conflict. If the show gets another season to run, then maybe in 2001 we will be on it.

Planet Earth recorded two tracks on the Duran Duran tribute cd FASHION CRIMES, which was released on Pandapop label in Summer of 2000. The two tracks were SERIOUS and FRIENDS OF MINE. Snippets of both are on the 'sounds' page here.

Jason was interviewed for Calgary Herald, in Canada regarding Bjorn Again who are playing there in June, the guy was doing an article on Tribute bands and wanted to got more of a depth perception of it. Hopefully there will be some of Jason's ramblings on in the newspaper!!!! Its due out mid June. We'll keep you posted.

Planet Earth were interviewed for the magazine EGG, which came out late last year in 1999.  It included interviews with other tribute bands, plus views from various audience members. This plus other reviews will be on the REVIEW TO A KILL page.

If you want to come see our next show, just email us and we will add you to our mailing list. Or check out the Live page by clicking here